The Diary / The Notes

A Day in my Life||May

Welcome to a brand new post on my blog. This one’s going to be a monthly occurrence. If you’re anything like me then you’ll love nosing into people’s lives. I’m excited about this one because not only do you all get to be nosey, but I can also look back on each month and see what’s changed if anything and remember the good times.

So in this issue I invite you to:
Spend a Friday Evening with me. 



So the evening started off with me waiting outside Tom’s work finally able to read the Metro.


Because it was date night I changed my ankle boots into some wedges just to add a bit of sexiness to the evening. Makes it feel like a real date as well.



Amazes me that it was actually chucking it down that morning.



More reading, Tom was taking his time.



And so we decided on Pizza Express. I luuurrrvvveeee Pizza Express.



If you look closely you will see that one slice is different. That’s because I didn’t like my pizza as much as I liked Tom’s so I stole some.


And you can’t not have a hot drink and a mini desert whilst your there. Your crazy if you can pass it up without thinking twice about it.


Back home and on with blogging…



…With the help of some mini wine =)


And then it’s off time to get ready for bed and chill. Nighty night my darlings xxx



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