Hair / The Routine

Everyday Hair Routine

20140511-184734.jpgI like to keep my hair quite simple really. It takes minimal effort, and personally I think it looks very sculpted and suites my face shape. I recently had it cut. I was attempting to grow my fringe out, but it had gotten to that length where you just end up thinking “screw it, I’m chopping it off”. When I got it cut I had it so that it fell just below my shoulders with a couple of subtle, long layers put in. I think layers give my hair some body and movement and compliments my face shape. My parting got shifted slightly so that it was a little bit deeper to give more definition.
So, to style my hair is actually really basic.
I tend to wash my hair every other day and only style it on the day that it gets washed. (My hair is actually quite well behaved haha).
I don’t always like using a hair dryer on my hair, I think it’s too harsh, and I get bored of holding it. (My hair is really thick and it takes For-e-ver to dry). When I do dry it though I use a nozzle and aim it down my hair to ensure that it stays straight without any fly aways. When it starts to dry I will aim the nozzle under my roots and blast them upwards to give it some extra volume.
After drying, my hair is usually pretty straight and nicely shaped. At this point I will put my straighteners on the end of my hair and curl it under to give the style of a long bob.



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