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Random Facts About Me


1. I have a massive thing for biscuits. Especially ginger biscuits. If I have got the pack of ginger biscuits you are lucky if I share them with you and even more lucky if I haven’t eaten the whole packet. They are my guilty pleasure.

2. I cut my toast into triangles when it just has butter on but I cut it into rectangles if it has any kind of filling.

3. I can’t still still. I am a ditherer as my family calls me. If I have to sit still my foot will be bobbing up and down or my head will bopping away to imaginary music.

4. Warm or cold, I will always put my dressing gown and slippers on in the morning.

5. Cooking programmes are my fave TV shows…….

6…… but I make up my meals as I go.

7. The older I get the younger I look. (I seem to be getting I.D’d more).

8. I hate being bored. I would literally rather blitz my entire house in a cleaning frenzy than sit down being bored for hours on end.

9. I would like to think that I am a good planner and organising my time…….

10…… but I never stick to what I’ve organised or planned I tend to just wing it.

11. I cannot stand liquorice. I would rather eat soil.

13. I love travelling, even if it’s just to travel an hour or so down the motorway in my car. I like to sing to myself whilst driving around.

14. I look completely insane when I drive. Because I could be singing but if a driver causes me bother I scream and swear a lot but then go straight back to singing after a second or so.

15. I use the excuse “I’m from Yorkshire” far too much.

16. I drink coffee more or less constantly throughout the day.

17. I get upset when I pick my coffee cup back up and there’s nothing in it.

18. I constantly think about New York and how cool it would be to live there.

19. I worry constantly, but I try not to let it show.

20. My parents think I may have slight OCD.



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