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Top Knot for Short Hair

Now I love my hair quite short (short for me is just above shoulder length), but now that I work in an office, and I see all these gorgeous girls with enviable hair I get realllllllyyyyyy jealous. My main jealousy right now is that because my hair is short and has layers I am quite limited to what I can do with my own hair. I either straighten it and curl it under into a long bob type thing or I’ll curl it. Or if’ I’m being really, really, really lazy, I’ll just stick it up in a pony tail.
Therefore, I have made it my mission to get inspired and attempt hairstyles I’m probably gonna fail at. But hey ho, you’ll never get anywhere unless you try, so at least I can say I’ve tried.
So here it is, my attempt at a top knot.



So, firstly I started off with day hold hair. Hair that’s not just this second been washed is more versatile and therefore makes the best base for easy peasy hairstyles.


So first off you’ve got make yourself look really stupid. Well you might not look stupid but I did at this stage. Hence embarassing photo. Pull all your hair to the top of your head and securely tie with a bobble. Don’t worry if anything falls out, that gets sorted later on.
Take random sections, no need to be neat, the messier the better, and use a teasing come to tease the hair to give oomph. If you don’t have a teasing comb then a brush works just as well.
Then, pull another bobble over the hair and pull around to form a bun.
Because the hair is short expect some fall out, but don’t worry, some fall out looks good but for the big chunky pieces that fall out pin them back into the bun with bobby pins.



If you have a fringe, just pop in a cute little headband to complete the look.
And et voila, a messy top knot perfect for short hair. Because it’s backcombed (or near enough in my case) the hair has some kind of stability, a kind of base to strap itself to, and will (hopefully) hold itself for much longer.
Hope you liked.



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