Non-Beauty Faves / The Edit

Non-beauty Favourites||April

20140505-213631.jpgMy Non-beauty favourites post for April is more of a goodbye in some ways. I have, finally, left my job working in Tesco. I loved working there, but I always had the notion in the back of my head that I was in a supermarket. I moved from the clothing department to the Pharmacy department. Now I can never bad mouth the clothing department because I absolutely loved it and I even attempted a career in fashion, but unfortunately lacked any experience. It’s not looked highly upon when you work in a supermarket even if you have put your heart and soul into every area.

So because I wasn’t getting very far in the fashion area I moved into the Pharmacy and tried my hand at medicine and realised how much of a flair I had in the dispensary. I loved learning what each drug did, though I could never remember anything about each drug hah! I love my Pharmacy team and they will always be MY Pharmacy team and I was sooo sad to leave them. I’m going to really miss my coffee and a gossip with everyone.

So, after that little heart to heart, my favourites for April has got to be my leaving presents. I’ve moved into an office job so the vouchers I’ve got have got me some lovely office clothes. And I look good in them (even if I do say so myself hah!). The flowers are gorgeous and they are taking pride and joy centre place on my bedside table. As for the wine……..I’m currently waiting for my man to come home after his mini holiday to celebrate with him.
It will not be wasted. Trust me =)



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