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Beauty Favourites||April

042I didn’t buy that many new things last month, but like every beauty junkie I have my staple faves that I will always love no matter what. Because this is a new feature to this blog, the first month will just document my all time faves that I love and constantly re-buy, with the few stuff that I did buy last month.

The Body Shop’s Camomile Eye Makeup Remover
This is so gentle on the eyes, and even on the rare occasion that I am too rough and I get it in my eyes it doesn’t hurt at all, just makes my eye water slightly. But that is purely down to my own stupidity. I also use this to remove the rest of my makeup. It’s a great two in one, and because it’s camomile it has a soothing, moisturising effect so it should be perfect for even sensitive skin.

Imperial Leather Bath Cream
Now, I’m not a big bath fan. I’m more of a shower gyall. In and out. No fuss no muss. But every so often I’ll find myself with a really good book that I just can’t put down, and because it will get ruined in the shower, a bath is necessary. I like my bath smelling nice. Because I’m not a bath fan, I think it’s important that I try and make it as appealing as possible and this bath cream smells absolutely glorious as well as very moisturising on the skin. Some bubble baths can leave you feeling dry and flaky, but this one ha the benefits of a moisturiser.

The Body Shop’s Seaweed Facial Exfoliator
I have quite oily skin, to the point where it seems to be getting worse the closer we get to Summer. I’m not sure why that is, maybe it’s a change in the weather because I swear it wasn’t this bad over Winter. I never have a dry face apart from when I’m poorly and I need to blow my nose (TMI I know, Sorry!!) so I always try and use something that combats oily/combination skin. I use this daily and try and use it twice a day. It’s not that harsh and can be used twice a day unlike a lot of exfoliators. This feels really good on my skin, and if used before makeup application makes for an easier process.

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Lotion
I use this mainly at night before I go to bed if I have a few blemishes on my face. You can definitely feel it working, it tingles slightly as it soaks into my skin. I apply it mainly over any blemishes I may have and then work whatever is left into the rest of my face. I’m not the biggest fan of Tea Tree. The smell is too overpowering in my opinion. But Tea Tree is an ingredient that I know does wonder fr spots and blemishes and so I persevere with it because it works so well. At least if I put it on before I go to sleep I drift off and can’t remember the smell.

The Body Shop’s Colour Crush Lipstick in Passionate Pink
I don’t wear lip colours all the time, but this one is my all time favourite. It’s moisturising and the colour isn’t too overpowering on my pale complection, but still packs a pop and is noticeable. I love pink coloured lipsticks, however not many of them suit me. This is one that suits me perfectly so I will be constantly re-buying this.

The Body Shop’s Nutriganics Cleansing Gel
Nutriganics are aimed mainly at ageing skin to combat fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Now because I am only in my twenties, I do not have fine lines and wrinkles, but as the saying goes ‘prevention is better than the cure’. This product works really well for me. I love how easily I can work it into my skin. It turns from a gel, to an oil when worked well into the face, to a cream when rinsed off.

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish
I am an absolute noob for putting my own nail varnish on and since moving out of my parents house I haven’t worn it all that much. I tend to visit my parents house once a week so when I fancy having colourful nails I take some over and let my mum put it on for me. She loves doing it for some reason hah! I’m not a big fan of red, nude or any traditional nail varnish colours and these two Barry M colours just screamed Spring to me so I had to buy them.

The Body Shop’s Moisturising Foundation
Even though I have oily/combination skin, I still need to moisturise. If I don’t use a moisturiser or a serum of some sort I always try and use a moisturing foundation. I’ve found it works better on my skin than matte foundations. Matte just washes me out being so pale. Moisturing foundations give me a glowy, dewy finish that brings life to my lifeless face.


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