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The Review||Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus

1858763_fpx (1)Now, I love the look of Clinique products. I love how they feel, I love what they do. I’ve never had a major problem with any Clinique product that I have purchased, apart from one of them smelling a bit weird, but I still used it because it did wonders for my complection. However, I do find them a bit expensive so I am very choosy when it comes to buying the products, and usually after deliberating the amount that’s leaving my pocket I end up not buying it in fear of it not working. So, you can imagine how happy I was to purchase a cheap sample of this, and because I’d read a few good reviews about the product, I was eager to give it a try without having to spend loads of money. As soon as my sample arrived there was no stopping me ripping the contents out of the envelope.

Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus claims to smooth, restore and correct your skin. To get the most effective results the instructions state that you must place 3-4 drops of the product onto the face and around the eyes and to use each morning and night. It is suitable for all skin types and claims to deliver 63% of the visible wrinkle improvement of a dermatological laser procedure at 12 weeks. It should, ideally, refine the skin’s texture and smooth over the facial area and help correct sun damage.

I have been using this product for the past couple of weeks or so now and I can honestly say that I am not impressed at all and I am really glad that I only got myself a sample bottle.
The instructions state that you should use 3-4 drops, but I found that I was using loads more than the recommended amount as it just would not smooth all over my face. It did not move easily, and therefore, at around £30 for a 30ml bottle you would soon find that it had disappeared and that you’d need to buy some more to carry on the process.
To get optimum results Clinique states that you should use the serum and then apply moisturiser over the top before you apply your makeup. I found that when I did this, the only effect I seemed to be getting was the dewy look I usually got from using my moisturiser. So, in a fit of rebellion, I stopped using my moisturiser so that I could see the full effects of the serum, and I can still say that I am disappointed. I found the serum as more of a primer. It just sat on top of my skin, which makes for the perfect base for your makeup application, but I still can’t say that my face felt completely even all around. After saying all that though, I will say that it did seem to sort out my oily T-zone whilst putting on my makeup, but after a few hours or so, my oily skin did not stay away, and washing my face off in the evening I felt that I was washing the Repairwear product off as if it had just sat on my skin as a sort of barrier.
In conclusion, I would not recommend this product. It costs a lot of money for such a small bottle and doesn’t exactly do what it states it should do. It makes for a solid primer product, but when you can find alternative primer products for much less money, then this product is not a suitable purchase in my opinion.


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