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The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards are Back

blog-awards-logoI love, love, love reading about the Cosmo blog awards every year. I love all of the categories, and you can guarantee that some of my most favourite bloggers were found right after the Cosmo blog awards. I love discovering new blogs that I’d never heard of before and falling in love with them. There are certain bloggers that inspired me to get back into blogging, so in honour of them and the Blog Awards here’s my top 10 blogs:

  2. Lipstick with some Sunshine
  3. Makeup Savvy
  4. Chapter Friday
  5. Vivianna Does Makeup
  6. Hello October
  7. GhostParties
  8. The Sunday Girl
  9. Miss Budget Beauty
  10. I Covet Thee


Please note that the above are in no particular order. These are just my most visited sites on Bloglovin’

I love Bloglovin’, it’s like my own mini magazine.


Which blogs are your faves??


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