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Tarte Cosmetics Must Haves

tarteIt’s been no secret over in America. This is one of their best and most talked about makeup brands by American Bloggers and Vloggers alike, and now it has made its way overseas to our little Island and girls everywhere are going mad to get their hands on it.  Including me. But sadly funds do not allow me to buy anything just yet. After some extensive research from all my favourite bloggers I have decided which products I am going to buy first off when my money comes in.
Picture taken from here.

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

One of the most talked about products in the Tarte collection are their foundations, and it’s no surprise. They look fabulous when I see them on YouTube tutorials. This foundation is even waterproof so is perfect for the frequent holiday goer. Containing SPF 15 and being lightweight makes it thee best product for home and away. It gives more of a matte finish but looks almost exactly like your skin. So those endless days of worrying about blending in are in the past. Available here (also comes with cosmetic brush).

Amazonian Butter Lipstick

Not only do they have amazing colours to choose from that are perfect for every season, but the packaging itself is to die for, it’s sooooo adorable. If you’re anything like me, you pick products up based on how they look first, and then decide if it’s the right product for you by reading the description afterwards. These lipsticks will not look out of place even as a feature on your makeup box. The lipstick itself is supposed to be very moisturising and they have a selection of appealing colours that are suited towards the subtle girl. Buy it here and get a trio. You could use this lipstick as a tinted lip balm as well if you so wish, simply by just dabbing the colour lightly on the lips.

Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse

First off, being a mousse, it is a lot easier to control than a powder. It should sit exactly where you want it to without the annoying fall out you can sometimes get from powders. A mousse also looks more natural than a pencil, as you don’t have to apply too much and is less harsh than pencil strokes. It’s waterproof as well, just like many of the Tarte brands, and is therefore perfect for any adventure you way want to undertake. If you buy it here, the product comes with a brush that is tapered on one end so that it is easier to control, almost like a pencil, but with much more natural results than what a pencil can give you. The other end has a typical brow brush that allows you to brush the brows out to give that seamless finish.

Where to Buy

Although they have appeared in the UK, it is still quite difficult to get a hold of. The easy ways to buy is online through the website. It is the website that is linked to the Tarte US site, and so you know it’s legitimate. You can also buy them through eBay and Amazon, though you may have to win those products, so make sure you have your game face on.


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