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Let’s Face It

DSCF2307These little beauties I found whilst aimlessly wandering around Boots. I love looking without having anything in mind and then coming across something brilliant. Not only did they stand out enough to make me walk back to them but they were excellently priced as well. Who says beauty has to be expensive.

So the first product I found was the Revlon Lip crayon. It took me a while to pick a colour, (my hand resembled a colouring book by the time I had finished), but I eventually picked a pinky red colour. My lips are naturally quite dark red, I often get asked what shade lipstick I have on which always flatters me, but I do love pink lipstick shades. However, here’s my dilema. I am incredibly pale. I don’t have a problem with being pale, but it is really frustrating when you find an amazing pink lipstick and then find that it completely washes you out because it’s just too pink. So instead of pouting, I’ve decided to roll with the punches and get my act together and just go for stuff that I know will suit me. Hence, the pinky red shade. I really don’t know why I love pink more than red, i think it’s just the girly girl in me trying to get out. There’s something that says fun and easy going in pink.
Anywayz, I loved the way the lip crayon felt, and a little of it goes a long way. I didn’t feel like I needed to layer and layer just to showcase the colour. My only criticism of it would be that I personally don’t like carrying makeup around with me if I’m just going to work or out to the shops, and I realised that the colour wore off quite quickly. But other than that I really loved this product, I don’t have much problem with carrying it around with me all day.

DSCF2315The next little find was this blusher by Seventeen. I never usually find myself gravitating towards Seventeen, I usually run towards the Bourjois section, but it was exactly this blusher that stopped me in my tracks. It’s a weird little contraption, but it really really works. It took me a while to figure out how to get the colour onto the sponge though. I kept pressing it and pressing it on my cheek thinking that it would come out from the bottom of the pot slowly, it wasn’t until I was there for a good 5 minutes with absolutely no colour on my cheeks that I looked in the lid and found a pad of colour there. So after my initial struggle I finally managed to get it on my cheeks, and the easy use was amazing, I didn’t feel like I was wasting any at all, the right amount was on my face and all you have to do is blend it in.

These are amazing little treasures that I would definitely recommend for daily use. You don’t have to save this makeup for special occassions.

What’s your best bargain find?



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