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Battle of the Toners and Cleansers

I’m a really bad excuse of a girl. I barely ever remember to cleanse and tone properly. But for the past week and half I’ve actually made myself and I’ve been testing three different, yet affordable cleansers and toners just for you.
And the contenders are:

Vitamin E cleanser and toner. Body shop. DSCF2248
These cleansers and toners are for all skin types so can be suitable for anyone. To use the cleanser it does feel really nice, it’s light and a little goes a log way. Same with the toner, it does feel nice whilst on the skin, but each morning I woke up I found more and more spots on my face. Now I’m not one to break out in a lot of spots. Maybe one or two here and there every so often, but after using these products my face ended up with a clump of spots down the side of my face.

Aloe Vera cleanser and toner. Body ShopDSCF2250
I found these products the same texture and feel as the Vitamin E, the only difference is that my face did feel quite sticky after the toner was applied, which I wasn’t thrilled about. However, on the plus side, it did aide inhelping to heal the spots that the Vitamin E produced. So saying that I guess I could overlook the stickiness of the product.

Time delay cleanser and toner. BootsDSCF2247
These products were the winner for me. I did find the cleanser a little thicker than the body shop brands but both products did so much more for my skin. The toner was more water like which just easily swept over my face which was a pleasant feeling after the stickiness of the Aloe products. I also noticed that I had a retain glow to my skin when I woke up in the morning. This cleanser and toner also made my face the perfect canvas for putting on my makeup in the morning as it didn’t make y skin too sticky for my foundation to sweep across.

And the winner is Boots Time Delay.

(These are just my views after using these products, I am by no means saying that it will feel sticky or give you spots if you use them, I’m just explaining my experiences)

What are you favourite cleansers and toners?



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