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Fresh Faced


I love spring, I look forward to both Spring and Fall, they are definitely my favourite seasons. I used to live across from farmers fields, and we had blossom tree’s all over the estate and a couple of apple tree’s and I loved when the blossom bloomed, the baby animals jumping around the field and the apples could be picked to make pie. 

Spring is always a time for change and, I know it still may be a while off, I am totally getting into the spirit of Spring just being around the corner. Spring, is new, it’s cheerful, it’s clean, it’s crisp. And with such a clean and crisp season you need to have clean and crisp makeup to match. I personally cannot wear the same makeup day in day out throughout the year. Your skin care routines change through the year due to the changing weather so why shouldn’t your makeup.

During the winter month’s I was wearing Maybelline’s Satin Smooth foundation, it was heavy enough to cover any blemishes whilst still moisturising my skin at the same time. Instead, through spring I’m going to be using Rimmel London’s Lasting finish. It feels a lot lighter than my winter foundation and therefore doesn’t clog everything up, or at least it doesn’t feel like it is. as for cheeks I just swept some colour on simply to give me a slight glow. I’m naturally very pale so I can’t not add colour to my face. The only time I never need to add colour is at halloween. I don’t use eyeliner through Spring unless it’s for a certain occasion and I only flick some mascara on. I liked thick eyelashes through December, but this month I’ve been going for lashes that just look slightly more defined. I often forget about my eyebrows, but when I do remember Ilove filling them in and how amazing it makes my eyes stand out. I’ve remembered a lot more now that I’m wearing less eye makeup, the brows just define the whole face….so take care of them.

And lastly, and probably the best tip I can offer for spring makeup is a tinted lip balm, my favourite is Nivea’s Soft Rose. I’m very pale and some pinks are quite overpowering on my face, but this pink is spot on. First off, a lip balm helps to protect your lips, and after being battered by the winter months they’re gonna need a lot a love my friends. Secondly, with it being a balm it gives your lips a slight gloss, minus the stickiness that you can get from proper lip glosses. Thirdly, and lastly, pick a pinky colour. Dark reds are good for an evening out that doesn’t require lipstick but just a pop of colour, but through the day stick to a pink colour. It looks fun yet subtle and gives your overall appearance a softer and more fun look about you.



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